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We Ate Bugs Tonight
We Ate Bugs Tonight Promo.png
Season Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Episode Number 9/15
First Broadcast April 27, 2014
Episode Chronology
Previous "Game of Duos"
Next "Conjuring Something Crazy"

We Ate Bugs Tonight is the ninth episode of Survivor: The Maryland Outback.

The Final 10 competes in a disgusting challenge, but the real struggle comes from trying to figure out who can be trusted when everyone is talking to all sides.



Survivor Smorgasbord - In each round, the contestants must eat a disgusting food item. The the first round, they will be divided into two groups to eat Dung Beetles and Beef Jerky. The first 3 in each preliminary group to finish will move on the semifinal. In the semifinal, they must consume Grasshoppers and Bamboo Worm Larvae. The first 3 to finish will move onto the final round. In the final round, they must eat Crickets and Dung Beetles as well as drink a nasty concoction filled with many disgusting things. The first to finish will win immunity.
Winner (according to finish): Siona Slepoy

Immunity Challenge: Survivor Smorgasbord
Placement Winner 2nd 4th 7th
Castaway S2 Siona S.png
S2 Chandler P.pngS2 Connor S.png
Chandler & Connor
S2 Chris T.pngS2 Nicole L.pngS2 Phil C.png
Chris T., Nicole L. & Phil
S2 Chris L.pngS2 Nicole C.pngS2 Ryan C.pngS2 Steve S.png
Chris L., Nicole C., Ryan & Steve
Round Breakdown
Round Winner(s) Eliminated
Preliminary Group A S2 Chris T.pngS2 Nicole L.pngS2 Siona S.png
Chris T., Nicole L. & Siona
S2 Nicole C.pngS2 Steve S.png
Nicole C. & Steve
Group B S2 Chandler P.pngS2 Connor S.pngS2 Phil C.png
Chandler, Connor & Phil
S2 Chris L.pngS2 Ryan C.png
Chris L. & Ryan
Semifinal S2 Chandler P.pngS2 Connor S.pngS2 Siona S.png
Chandler, Connor & Siona
S2 Chris T.pngS2 Nicole L.pngS2 Phil C.png
Chris T., Nicole L. & Phil
Final S2 Siona S.png
S2 Chandler P.pngS2 Connor S.png
Chandler & Connor

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council #11: Nehaka Tribe
S2 Chris T.png
Chris T. (5 votes)
S2 Chandler P.pngS2 Chris L.png
S2 Connor S.pngS2 Nicole L.pngS2 Steve S.png
Chandler, Chris L., Connor, Nicole L. & Steve
S2 Phil C.png
Phil (3 votes)
S2 Nicole C.pngS2 Ryan C.pngS2 Siona S.png
Nicole C., Ryan & Siona
S2 Ryan C.png
Ryan (2 votes)
S2 Chris T.pngS2 Phil C.png
Chris T. & Phil
S2 Chris T.png

Chris T.

Voting Confessionals[]

(voting for Phil) I don't know, I'm gonna have to go with my word tonight and if it bites me in the ass and this is the reason why I'm out, then whatever. I think I played a good game, so Phil, it had to be done.


(voting for Ryan) Alright, uh, I don't know. Things with Waka - old Waka haven't been going too well. Hopefully, I haven't been getting played and hopefully I'm not gonna get voted out. That would - That would suck a lot, I don't know. It's just the best I can say.

–Chris T.

(voting for Chris T.) Oh man, so this is, uh - shit's probably gonna go down. I think I know where the votes going, but I'm not positive. Chris Thomas, I'm voting for you cause I think you can win the game. Glad that we're friends this year even though we may not have been last year. Hopefully - Hopefully it happens, I don't know, I'm kinda getting nervous.

–Chris L.

(voting for Chris T.) We meet again, camera. I mean this game is all about lies and deception, which sucks cause I'm not the best at that. Talking to Connor, it really really seems like he's going with us. Chandler is the worry for me, but hey, nothing's guaranteed in this game. Connor and Chandler, I never talked to them before. Can I trust them now? I don't know. We'll see what happens.


(voting for Ryan) Feeling pretty sketched out right now and I mean all I really have is Chris' word that he's with me and Ryan basically told us the same thing, but you know, he's with one of us and not the other.


(voting for Phil) Sorry Phil, you're just too much of a threat and I think it's a good thing to do.

–Nicole C.

(voting for Chris T.) We're not really sure how this is going to happen but hopefully Chris (Chris T.) or Phil or whatever goes home, so sorry Chris (Chris T.)! Love you!

–Nicole L.

(voting for Chris T.) Man, I'm gonna have to think this one out here. This is a big big elimination, and it's riding on me.


Final Words[]

I don't know. Not necessarily thinking I was getting voted off but not really that surprised. I figured something like this was gonna happen eventually, so good luck to Phil, hopefully he can win it.

–Chris T.

Still in the Running[]

S2 Rebecca Y.png
S2 Josh L.png
S2 Holly C.png
S2 Katie R.png
S2 Lauren B.png
S2 Brandon D.png
S2 Ashley R.png
S2 Karla L.png
S2 Alex B.png
S2 Xandria B.png
 Chris T.
S2 Chris T.png
S2 Chandler P.png
 Chris L.
S2 Chris L.png
S2 Connor S.png
 Nicole C.
S2 Nicole C.png
 Nicole L.
S2 Nicole L.png
S2 Phil C.png
S2 Ryan C.png
S2 Siona S.png
S2 Steve S.png


  • The episode title was said by Chandler in reference to the immunity challenge.