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Victoria Zhao
Contestant Profile
Occupation Finance Major

Survivor: Terrapin Trials

Tribe(s) Hukatana
► Rafiki
Placement 3/16
Edgic CPN
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 78

Survivor: All-Stars

Tribe(s) Furiosa
Placement 5/21
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 75

Victoria Zhao is a contestant from Survivor: Terrapin Trials and is currently a contestant on Survivor: All-Stars.

On the Hukatana tribe, Victoria was immediately seen as a weak competitor just based on her poor challenge performance at the first immunity challenge. However, her strong friendship with Foluké allowed her to solidify herself in the LP2 alliance along with Zack and Terry and joining her tribe in voting out Charlie and blindsiding Katie. After the swap, she remained loyal to the LP2 alliance and voted out two original Rafiki members. At the merge, Victoria continued her loyalty, voting out Alex, Eric, and Harry without any issue. When the Ohana Women's Alliance was created, Victoria had her doubts, as her closest ally, Foluké, had seemingly gotten closer to Holli. After finding out through Foluké's roommate, Mimi, that Foluké had informed Holli that she had a hidden immunity idol, something that was supposed to be between them, Victoria decided to make a move by blindsiding Holli at the next tribal council after a key immunity win allowed her to make a power play. This move would be in vain, as this would tear her and Foluké's relationship apart, causing her to be voted out at 3rd place by her former best friend.

Survivor: Maryland

Voting History

Victoria's Voting History
Episode Victoria's
Voted Against
1 Charlie -
2 Hukatana Tribe Immune
3 Hukatana Tribe Immune
4 Hukatana Tribe Immune
5 Katie Harry & Katie
6 Sabrina -
7 Kanay -
8 Alex -
9 Eric -
10 Harry -
11 Holli Individual Immunity
12 Marissa;
Foluké & Marissa;
13 Zack Individual Immunity
Inelligible Foluké
Voted Off, Day 78
Vote for
Sole Survivor


Victoria's Voting History
Episode Victoria's
Voted Against
1 Furiosa Tribe Immune
2 Furiosa Tribe Immune
3 Siona -
4 Rebecca Rebecca
5 Michelle Foluké, Michelle
6 Urukhai Tribe Immune
7 Urukhai Tribe Immune
8 Urukhai Tribe Immune
9 Foluké -
10 Chris L. Chris L., Eric
11 Evan;
12 Evan;
13 Evan Individual Immunity
14 Eric Individual Immunity
15 Ashley Individual Immunity
16 Eric Ashley, Eric,
Voted Off, Day 75
Vote for
Sole Survivor
Chris T.
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