Trust No One, But Trust Everyone
Trust No One, But Trust Everyone Promo
Season Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Episode Number 5/15
First Broadcast March 31, 2014
Episode Chronology
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You Get In The World

Trust No One, But Trust Everyone is the fifth episode of Survivor: The Maryland Outback.

On this episode of Survivor: Maryland, the 15 remaining players compete in an egg-citing challenge, and powerful information creates strong new bonds.



Egg Toss - In this egg relay, one tribe member must transport an egg using a spoon in their mouth to a player across the course. That player must then toss the egg over a defender from the opposing tribe to another tribe member. That tribe member must then toss the egg to a tribe member sitting at the end goal. They must repeat this until they get 10 eggs total. The first tribe to collect 10 eggs will win.

Winner (according to finish): Nehami

Immunity Challenge: Egg Toss
Placement Tribe Sitting Out
1st Nehami S2 Chris TS2 Connor SS2 Ryan CS2 Siona SS2 Steve SS2 Xandria B
Chris T., Connor, Karla, Ryan, Siona, Steve & Xandria
S2 Karla L
2nd Waka S2 Alex BS2 Ashley RS2 Brandon DS2 Chandler PS2 Chris LS2 Nicole C
Alex, Ashley, Brandon, Chandler, Chris L. & Nicole C.
S2 Nicole LS2 Phil C
Nicole L. & Phil

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council #6: Waka Tribe
S2 Brandon D
Brandon (5 votes)
S2 Alex BS2 Ashley R
S2 Chris LS2 Nicole LS2 Phil C
Alex, Ashley, Chris L., Nicole L. & Phil
S2 Alex B
Alex (3 votes)
S2 Brandon DS2 Chandler PS2 Nicole C
Brandon, Chandler & Nicole C.
S2 Brandon D


Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(Voting for Brandon) Uh, tonight I'm going to vote for hte person that I think is a threat to my game, for the game and my new alliance, um, I don't think I can trust him.

–Chris L.

(Voting for Alex) Sorry man, hope you don't take it personally.


(Voting for Alex) It's nothing personal, it's self preservation.


(Voting for Brandon) I kind of made alliances with everyone in the, uh, the tribe and, uh, tonight its just trying to break the least number of, uh, promises. Chandler and Nicole (Centi) I still have your guys' back, I'm - I promised I would take you to the merge and I'm still planning on doing that.


(Voting for Brandon) After hearing that I was possibly going home today, um, you gotta do what you gotta do to stay in. Sorry, but I gotta stay in the game, not you.

–Nicole L.

(Voting for Brandon) I don't even think I know how to write anymore. I believed we were supposed to kind of be in an alliance and then you were one of the first people I heard that was gunning for me. Also, just the insults, not cool man. Um, so we all think you're just not - not needed on the team anymore.


(Voting for Alex) I'm really sorry cause you had such a bad weekend.

–Nicole C.

(Voting for Brandon) Alright, so here it goes. If Brandon played me and Chris played me, they can go fuck themself when I go home. Other than that, may the votes be with me!


Final WordsEdit

So, I'm going home, kind of sucks but, uh, you know, that's how the game works, so. It was fun while it lasted but I'm not too upset obviously so... bye.


Still in the RunningEdit

S2 Rebecca Y
S2 Josh L
S2 Holly C
S2 Katie R
S2 Lauren B
S2 Brandon D
S2 Alex B
S2 Ashley R
S2 Chandler P
 Chris L.
S2 Chris L
 Chris T.
S2 Chris T
S2 Connor S
S2 Karla L
 Nicole C.
S2 Nicole C
 Nicole L.
S2 Nicole L
S2 Phil C
S2 Ryan C
S2 Siona S
S2 Steve S
S2 Xandria B


Episode TitleEdit

  • The episode title was said by Chris L as he comments on what Alex said during Tribal Council.