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The Alliances That Clash
The Alliances That Crash Promo.png
Season Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Episode Number 13/15
First Broadcast June 11, 2014
Episode Chronology
Previous "Moral Dilemma"
Next "The Evil of Evils"

The Alliances That Clash is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: The Maryland Outback.

The Final 6 features two unbreakable pairs and two swing voters in the middle. Will the pairs team up, or will the swing votes hold all the power? Find out in an exciting episode of Survivor: The Maryland Outback.



Rasperry Shooters - The contestants must answer questions based on the game that they have played. If they get a question right, they get to shoot a raspberry at a board. The board has the names of every contestant. If you hit the paper with your name, you score a point. If you hit inside of the box surrounding your name, you score 2 points. If you hit a yellow paper, you lose a point. If you hit another's contestants paper, the points will be awarded to them.
Winner: Steve Sleasman

Immunity Challenge: Raspberry Shooters
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway S2 Chris L.png
Chris L
S2 Chandler P.pngS2 Nicole C.pngS2 Ryan C.pngS2 Siona S.pngS2 Steve S.png
Chandler, Nicole C., Ryan, Siona & Steve

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council #15: Nehaka Tribe
First Vote (Tie) Revote
(Siona & Steve ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
S2 Siona S.png
Siona (3 votes)
S2 Chris L.pngS2 Nicole C.pngS2 Steve S.png
Chris L., Nicole C. & Steve
S2 Siona S.png
Siona (3 votes)
S2 Chandler P.pngS2 Chris L.pngS2 Nicole C.png
Chandler, Chris L. & Nicole C.
S2 Steve S.png
Steve (3 votes)
S2 Chandler P.pngS2 Ryan C.pngS2 Siona S.png
Chandler, Ryan & Siona
S2 Steve S.png
Steve (1 vote)
S2 Ryan C.png
S2 Siona S.png


Voting Confessionals[]

(voting for Steve) I'm, uh, getting a little worried because of what Siona just said about possibly the - I guess the pairs not sticking together. There is a chance that I'm going out, but, slight chance.


(voting for Siona) So tonight, um, you know, I'm just - I'm just gonna throw my vote. Alright, so tonight I'm voting Siona. Double tie, I don't think Nicole or Chris will flip and I think I - I just really hope it's not Centi who goes home. If it's Crowder of Chandler, that's fine with me. I'll feel really bad if it's Centi because she's putting herself on the line for me, If this does happen, I wouldn't be here without her right now. So, I'll leave a message for who votes next. (writes down phone number)


(voting for Steve) I'm gonna leave that for someone else to have a nice surprise. This week I'm gonna have to take out Steve. I don't know what's gonna happen, like a lot of people have been talking. I don't know how much power I have right now in this game.


(voting for Siona) I'm voting for Siona, um, it's strategy, um, it's nothing personal. I mean I've actually come to kinda like Siona. So, we'll see what happens on a possible re-vote. So, go Survivor! I'm gonna win! I'm gonna win, mark my words.

–Chris L.

(voting for Steve) Hey Steve! (writes down phone number)


Voting Confessionals (Re-vote)[]

(voting for Siona) If it goes to the cards, it'll be the luck of the draw.

–Nicole C.

(voting for Siona) This could, um, this could be my last tribal council.


(voting for Steve) Luckily, I'm not voting for you, Steve! I'm voting for "Stev". That's how it's gonna happen.


(voting for Siona) Re-vote! Re-vote, baby! It was hard. We'll see! Don't matter cause I'm safe but hopefully Steve don't go home!

–Chris L.

Final Words[]

Okay, this is my final confession guys. Uh, I was just voted out. So Chandler and Centi went with Steve and Chris, I'm not that surprised. Kinda disappointed in Chandler. I didn't really expect much of Centi, she's a flip-flopper. Um, all I can hope is that Ryan stays in next week. Um, thanks for having me guys. Survivor was really fun.


Still in the Running[]

S2 Rebecca Y.png
S2 Josh L.png
S2 Holly C.png
S2 Katie R.png
S2 Lauren B.png
S2 Brandon D.png
S2 Ashley R.png
S2 Karla L.png
S2 Alex B.png
S2 Xandria B.png
 Chris T.
S2 Chris T.png
 Nicole L.
S2 Nicole L.png
S2 Connor S.png
S2 Phil C.png
S2 Siona S.png
S2 Chandler P.png
 Chris L.
S2 Chris L.png
 Nicole C.
S2 Nicole C.png
S2 Ryan C.png
S2 Steve S.png


Episode Title[]

  • This episode's title was said by Ryan as he talks about how certain duos have no chance at working together in the game.