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Taylor Liu
S6 Taylor Liu.png
Contestant Profile
Occupation America Reads

Survivor: New Beginnings

Tribe(s) Baesqwaad
Placement 12/19
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 40

Taylor Liu was a contestant from Survivor: New Beginnings.

Taylor started out on the outs on Baesqwaad due to the fact that she didn't attend the group library session as well as not communicating with other tribe members. Eventually, she formed an alliance with Don, Daniela and Shaina called the Suicide Squad with the plan of getting Dylan out. After expressing interest in making amends with Dylan, Don ceased the opportunity to get Faith and Emily to side with him in order to take Taylor out right before the merge.

Survivor: New Beginnings[]

Voting History[]

Taylor Liu's Voting History
Episode Taylor's
Voted Against
1 Baesqwaad Tribe Immune
2 Baesqwaad Tribe Immune
3 Baesqwaad Tribe Immune
4 Baesqwaad Tribe Immune
5 Baesqwaad Tribe Immune
6 Nachmi Nachmi
7 Don Don, Emily & Faith
Voted Off, Day 40