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Swale Nida
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Survivor: New Beginnings

Tribe(s) Ferocity
► Mankato
Placement 10/19
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 15
Day(s) Lasted 51

Swale Nida was a contestant from Survivor: New Beginnings.

From the beginning, Swale found himself on the outs after arriving late on the very first day of the game, but was able to recover and make key relationships that saved him during multiple tribal councils where he was targeted. He was also known for "swale-ing", a term defined by Faith where you say a lot of things that really don't mean anything. At the merge, he was playing both sides, and after a quick round of gameplay, Dylan convinced him to vote away from his side, which caused him to vote himself out in 10th place.

Survivor: New Beginnings[]

Voting History[]

Swale Nida's Voting History
Episode Swale's
Voted Against
1 Meredith Meredith
2 Matt -
3 Miranda;
Abel, Emily,
Faith & Miranda;
Abel & Emily
4 Abel -
5 Thomas Dylan & Thomas
6 Shaina Shaina
7 Mankato Tribe Immune
8 Daniela Individual Immunity
Daniela Alex, Daniela,
Dylan, Faith & Keval
Voted Off, Day 51
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Swale is the highest ranking male of Ferocity.