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Steal The Bacon
Steal The Bacon.pngNehami and Waka fighting for the tire in Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Survivor Maryland Challenge
Description A recurring challenge
Appearance(s) 'Survivor: La Plata Island
Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Survivor: Terrapin Trials
Survivor: Guts & Glory'

Steal The Bacon is a recurring challenge from Survivor Maryland which first appeared in Survivor: La Plata Island and has returned for every season so far.


There is a bike tire in the center of a marked off field. The tribe members will rank themselves in terms of strength. Then, by random selection, the numbers will be called out and they will have to face off against each other. On the host's start, the selected players will run to the bike tire and attempt to drag it to their side. The tribe who gets the bike tire across the line will score a point. First tribe to 7 will win.



Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: La Plata Island
"A Mind-Blower For Sure"
Tribal Immunity Allan S1.pngDanny S1.pngGrace S1.png
Jialin S1.pngNick S1.pngNosheen S1.pngFile:Steph S1.png
Survivor: The Maryland Outback
"The Ringleader"
Tribal Immunity Alex S2.pngAshley S2.pngBrandon S2.png
Chris L S2.pngConnor S2.pngKarla S2.pngLauren S2.png
Nicole L S2.pngSteve S2.pngXandria S2.png
Survivor: Terrapin Trials
"Not In Hogwarts, This Is Survivor"
Tribal Immunity Alex S3.pngEric S3.pngKanay S3.pngMaria S3.png
Marissa S3.pngMatt S3.pngSabrina S3.pngSierra S3.png
Survivor: Guts & Glory
"Shake Things Up"
Tribal Immunity Alex S4.pngBrandon S4.pngKatie S4.png
Matt S4.pngMichelle S4.pngNicola S4.pngRene S4.png