She Was A Fighter
She Was A Fighter Promo
Season Survivor: Guts & Glory
Episode Number 2/14
First Broadcast March 8, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous "Custody Battle"
Next "Old Feet Skin Chips"

She Was A Fighter is the second episode of Survivor: Guts & Glory. One player tries to cement her place in the game after losing her best friend, but alliances start to form on all of the tribes as the players prepare for the possibility of Tribal Council. Then, an icy blindfold challenge comes down to a matter of seconds.



Blindfold Frenzy - Two pairs of blindfolded tribe members will be directed by a designated caller. The caller must direct them to bags that are scattered in a field. There are 7 bags in total for each tribe, but they only need 5 bags to move on to the next part. Once they get the amount of bags they feel like retrieving, they will race up to the tables where there is a plank of wood. In the bags, they will use dominoes and stack them from one end of the plank to the other. Once the stacking is finished, one tribe member will push one end, and if it falls all the way through to the other side, they will win challenge.
Winner (according to finish): Azula & Sohcahtoa

Immunity Challenge: Blindfold Frenzy
Placement Tribe Sitting Out
1st Azula S4 Brandon JS4 Matt KS4 Mikey FS4 Nicola RS4 Sherry X
Brandon, Matt, Mikey, Nicola & Sherry
2nd Sohcahtoa S4 Alex PS4 Evan HS4 Micah AS4 Mollie RS4 Shannon N
Alex, Evan, Micah, Mollie & Shannon
S4 Michelle H
3rd Úla Úla S4 Allan NS4 Brian MS4 Emily WS4 Katie AS4 Rene O
Allan, Brian, Emily Katie & René
S4 Elyse A

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council #2: Ula Ula Tribe
S4 Emily W
Emily (5 votes)
S4 Allan NS4 Brian M
S4 Elyse AS4 Katie AS4 Rene O
Allan, Brian, Elyse, Katie & René
S4 Brian M
Brian (1 vote)
S4 Emily W
S4 Emily W
Emily Williams

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Elyse was shown writing down Emily's name on the parchment, but did not give a confessional.

(voting for Emily) I really like you as a person. This is all business here. The more we know as humans, the more we realize that we don't know anything at all.


(voting for Brian) I'm really nervous. I feel like it's gonna be me.


(voting for Emily) I'm just trying to win Survivor, and I'm doing that one vote at a time.


(voting for Emily) I'm really sorry, but, but I really really do like you!


Final WordsEdit

Alright, so, I'm- I'm bummed. Like, I'm not surprised. I'm curious! I'm really curious why, but, um, I did a lot of things yesterday and we lost, so it's not really surprising that I'm here, but I think it's a really cool thing and I really think that Shannon's gonna go far. I'm bummed though that like I can't watch it go further and I am bummed like I'm out, it sucks, but, um, I told my friend and I was like 'I get Ben & Jerry's if I get voted out!' So, I'm getting Ben & Jerry's now so at least I have that to look forward to.


Still in the RunningEdit

S4 Priya A
S4 Emily W
Úla Úla
S4 Allan N
S4 Alex P
S4 Brandon J
Úla Úla
S4 Brian M
Úla Úla
S4 Elyse A
S4 Evan H
Úla Úla
S4 Katie A
S4 Matt K
S4 Micah A
S4 Michelle H
S4 Mikey F
S4 Mollie R
S4 Nicola R
Úla Úla
S4 Rene O
S4 Shannon N
S4 Sherry X


Episode TitleEdit

  • The episode title was said by Evan as he jokes about Priya's exit with the rest of the contestants.