Plot-Diggy Promo
Season Survivor: Terrapin Trials
Episode Number 4/13
First Broadcast March 14, 2015
Episode Chronology
Previous "Royally F-d Up"
Next "Girl Power"

Plot-Diggy is the fourth episode of Survivor: Terrapin Trials.

13 remaining players try to egg-cel in a very close challenge. Plus, idols start to become a hot topic of conversation.



Egg Toss - In this egg relay, one tribe member must transport an egg using a spoon in their mouth to a player across the course. That player must then toss the egg over a defender from the opposing tribe to another tribe member. That tribe member must then toss the egg to a tribe member sitting at the end goal. They must repeat this until they get 7 eggs total. Once they do, they must toss 3 of those eggs into a bucket. The first tribe to get all 3 eggs into the bucket will win.
Winner (according to finish): Hukatana

Immunity Challenge: Egg Toss
Placement Tribe Sitting Out
1st Hukatana S3 Harry GS3 Katie JS3 Terry AS3 Victoria ZS3 Zack Z
Harry, Katie, Terry, Victoria & Zack
S3 Foluke TS3 Holli R
Foluké & Holli
2nd Rafiki S3 Alex GS3 Eric KS3 Kanay PS3 Marissa HS3 Sabrina C
Alex, Eric, Kanay, Marissa & Sabrina
S3 Maria P

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council #4: Rafiki Tribe
First Vote (Tie) Revote
(Maria & Sabrina ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
S3 Maria P
Maria (3 votes)
S3 Eric KS3 Marissa HS3 Sabrina C
Eric, Marissa & Sabrina
S3 Maria P
Maria (3 votes)
S3 Eric KS3 Kanay PS3 Marissa H
Eric, Kanay & Marissa
S3 Sabrina C
Sabrina (3 votes)
S3 Alex GS3 Kanay PS3 Maria P
Alex, Kanay, Maria
S3 Sabrina C
Sabrina (1 vote)
S3 Alex G
S3 Maria P

Maria Pascale

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(Voting for Sabrina) Alright, still Sabrina because I trust Kanay more than I trust Sabrina.


(Voting for Sabrina) Sabrina, I tried to convince you that everyone was out to get you today, so hopefully that will make third times the charm for you.


(Voting for Maria) Maria and Alex contacted me and they told me that Eric and Marissa are voting me out. Obviously that's not gonna happen. Told you Maria, you're going down! Sorry, you're really nice off-Survivor.


(Voting for Maria) Maria, I'm voting you out cause you're kind of aggressive and I don't want to go up against you in 1 on 1 challenges, I'm sorry. You're a nice girl and I really like how you're teaming with everyone.


Voting Confessionals (Re-Vote)Edit

(Voting for Sabrina) At this point I know the other three are going to vote for Maria but this is my act of rebellion, cause I can. So, why not?


(Voting for Maria) I'm sorry. Let's burn it a little bit.


Final WordsEdit

And, here I am. I know I didn't play the strategy game but I still had fun. I definitely got to know Alex and Kanay better. I definitely don't think I'll hang out with Eric. Um, Sabrina, in real life, I don't have, like, giant issues with Sabrina, so I'll definitely like - I'm gonna talk to her and keep updated on this during Engineering and stuff. Hopefully Alex can get himself in there now that him and Marissa are neighbors or something and hopefully that he gets to stay in, cause otherwise he'll probably go next. I'm just happy to have experienced it, this was a ton of fun and I'm really glad I did it.


Still in the RunningEdit

S3 Charlie U
S3 Matt R
S3 Sierra J
S3 Maria P
S3 Alex G
S3 Eric K
S3 Foluke T
S3 Harry G
S3 Holli R
S3 Katie J
S3 Kanay P
S3 Marissa H
S3 Sabrina C
S3 Terry A
S3 Victoria Z
S3 Zack Z


Episode TitleEdit

  • This episode title was said by Sabrina in reference to Alex's attempts to stir the pot on Rafiki.