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Natalia Zamudio
S7 Natalia Zamudio.png
Contestant Profile
Occupation 3rd Place in Spelling Bee

Survivor: Major Conflict

Tribe(s) Pascala
Placement 20/20
Edgic MOR
Challenge(s) Won 0
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 2

Natalia Zamudio was a contestant from Survivor: Major Conflict.

After losing the first immunity challenge, Natalia struggled to find her footing in the Pascala tribe as her and Dain Golsen were not able to attend the tribe bonding event at the dining hall. This made her an easy target and she was the first person voted out, being the only person to vote for Teresa Berg.

Survivor: Major Conflict[]

Voting History[]

Natalia's Voting History
Episode Natalia's
Voted Against
1 Teresa Amanda, Dain, Dale Aram,
Doug, Eric, Sadie, Tim
Voted Off, Day 2