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Mollie Russell
S4 Mollie Russell.png
Contestant Profile
Occupation Elementary Education

Survivor: Guts & Glory

Tribe(s) Sohcahtoa
► Rozay
Placement 2nd Runner-Up
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 79

Mollie Russell is the second runner-up from Survivor: Guts & Glory.

Survivor: Guts and Glory

Voting History

Mollie Russell's Voting History
Episode Mollie Russell's
Voted Against
Mollie Russell
1 Sohcahtoa Tribe Immune
2 Sohcahtoa Tribe Immune
3 Sohcahtoa Tribe Immune
4 Sohcahtoa Tribe Immune
5 Elyse Elyse
6 Micah -
7 Rozay Tribe Immune
8 Evan -
9 Allan -
10 Allan -
11 Micah;
12 Evan -
13 Shannon Micah & Shannon
14 Micah -
Alex Alex
Jury Votes
for Mollie
Second Runner-Up, Day 79


  • Mollie is the only member of Sohcahtoa to not come back for Survivor: All-Stars.
  • Mollie is the sister of Meredith Russell from Survivor: La Plata Island, and cousins with Katie Russell from Survivor: Maryland Outback.
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