Marissa Horn
S3 Marissa Horn
Contestant Profile
Occupation Journalism Major

Survivor: Terrapin Trials

Tribe(s) Rafiki
► Hukatana
Placement 5/16
Edgic MORP
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 61
Marissa Horn is a contestant from Survivor: Terrapin Trials.

Initially a member of the Homewreckers alliance, Marissa kept her game quiet for most of the beginning of the game, mostly following what her alliances were doing. Her only rivalry was with opposing tribe member Foluké, whom kicked her in the stomach during the first immunity challenge. At the merge, when old Rafiki began leaving the game, she found herself in the Ohana Women's Alliance after winning a key immunity challenge after all of her original allies left the game. After Victoria's betrayal, she was voted out in 5th place after Foluké misplayed her idol, resulting in her elimination after a revote.

Survivor: Terrapin TrialsEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Marissa's Voting History
Episode Marissa's
Voted Against
1 Rafiki Tribe Immune
2 Matt -
3 Sierra -
4 Maria;
5 Rafiki Tribe Immune
6 Hukatana Tribe Immune
7 Hukatana Tribe Immune
8 Zack -
9 Harry Foluké & Holli
10 Harry Individual Immunity
11 Zack -
12 Victoria Terry & Victoria;
Terry & Zack
Voted Off, Day 61
Vote for
Sole Survivor