Maria Pascale
S3 Maria Pascale
Contestant Profile
Occupation Ultimate Frisbee

Survivor: Terrapin Trials

Tribe(s) Rafiki
Placement 13/16
Edgic MOR
Challenge(s) Won 1
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 17
Maria Pascale is a contestant from Survivor: Terrapin Trials.

Although winning the first immunity challenge for her tribe, Maria had a rocky start after sticking to an alliance with Alex and Matt, the latter being immediately voted out at Rafiki's first tribal council. Additionally, her rivalry with Sabrina plagued her chances of finding solid footing within her tribe. After Sierra was blindsided, the rivalry caught up to her and she was voted out after Kanay flipped on the first revote of the season.

Survivor: Terrapin TrialsEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Maria's Voting History
Episode Maria's
Voted Against
1 Rafiki Tribe Immune
2 Sabrina -
3 Sabrina -
4 Sabrina;
Eric, Marissa & Sabrina;
Eric, Kanay & Marissa
Voted Off, Day 17