Live Long Enough to Become the Hero
Live Long Enough to Become the Hero Promo
Season Survivor: All-Stars
Episode Number 6/16
First Broadcast May 28, 2018
Episode Chronology
Previous "Phase Two"
Next "Second Second Chance"
Live Long Enough to Become the Hero is the sixth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.

Urukhai picks up the pieces from the explosive Tribal Council, and the partner twist gives players new goals and methods to achieve them.



Night Pursuit - The tribes line up on opposite sides of a large ring. On go, the tribes will race around the ring in attempt to catch the other tribe. The tribe that catches up to the other tribe and taps on of their members will win. The tribe will be carrying a plank with weights attached to make it harder. At any point, a tribe member can drop out of the challenge, leaving the weight for the remaining tribe members to carry it.
Winner (according to finish): Urukhai

Immunity Challenge: Night Pursuit
Placement Tribe Sit-Out
1st Urukhai S5 Alex GS5 Evan HS5 Foluke TS5 Jordan SS5 Micah AS5 Shannon NS5 Victoria Z
Alex G., Evan, Foluké, Jordan, Micah, Shannon & Victoria
2nd Furiosa S5 Chris LS5 Chris TS5 Eric KS5 Holli RS5 Nicole CS5 Sabrina CS5 Sierra J
Chris L., Chris T., Eric, Holli, Nicole, Sabrina & Sierra
S5 Ashley R

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council #7: Furiosa Tribe
S5 Chris L
Chris L. (3 votes)
S5 Chris TS5 Sabrina CS5 Sierra J
Chris T., Sabrina & Sierra
S5 Sierra J
Sierra (3 votes)
S5 Ashley RS5 Chris LS5 Eric K
Ashley, Chris L. & Eric
S5 Eric K
Eric (2 votes)
S5 Holli RS5 Nicole C
Holli & Nicole
S5 Chris LS5 Sierra J
Chris L. & Sierra (3 votes each)

Tribal Council #7: Furiosa Tribe
S5 Sierra J
Sierra (4 votes)
S5 Ashley RS5 Eric KS5 Holli RS5 Nicole C
Ashley, Eric, Holli & Nicole
S5 Chris L
Chris L. (2 votes)
S5 Chris TS5 Sabrina C
Chris T. & Sabrina
S5 Sierra J


Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(Voting for Chris L.) I'm voting for Chris LeCompte because I'm sorry but, you know what? You and Holli are secret partners and honestly, the only reason I'm fucking doing this and convincing people to do it is because me and Schuble are partners and we're more important than you guys are. Also, I'm freezing my tits off.


(Voting for Chris L.) Holli refused to look me in the eye all tribal. I was standing next to her. I tried, I literally just stared at her the entire time and she just - she wouldn't do it. I said I'd be fine getting voted out if it was before Chris but I wanna make a mark. I want to try to get Chris out. If it works, then it works and we're good, but if not then I'm fucked. So, thank you.

–Chris T.

(Voting for Eric) This is not what I want to do at all, but if I go against what I'm doing right now then it would be a tie and forcing a tie is just not smart. So, I'm just going with the four that will not budge to go against Sierra. So, I'm going for Eric. I don't want to vote Eric out right now. I'm sorry if this is what actually happens, Eric, I'm so sorry.


(Voting for Eric) No idea what's going on. No idea who's going home. This is literally the shambliest vote ever.


Voting Confessionals (Re-vote)Edit

(Voting for Sierra) One in six ain't bad. Fucking sending this shit to rocks.


(Voting for Sierra) I swear to God, I'm pretty sure this is Chris Thomas' fault. I'm voting for Sierra, obviously, because I don't want Chris LeCompte gone.


(Voting for Chris L.) This is mad no bueno. I don't know whether to believe it was Centi or Sabrina. I'm assuming Sierra didn't vote for herself. With the vendetta I've had the entire game, I think it's worth the rocks.

–Chris T.

(Voting for Sierra) Oh, my god.


Final WordsEdit

You know, it is what it is. It was between me and Chris and Chris just played a better game. He has more people's respect or more people's trust, either way. Someone didn't vote according to plan and somehow I feel like that's Chris Thomas or Centi - I have no idea and they voted for me instead. I don't know if it was something I said or if someone else convinced them otherwise, like last minute or if they just never intended to do it in the beginning. Like, I have no idea. It's sooner than I wanted, but I'm definitely happy with the season that - I'm happy that - I, uh, had the second chance. So, yeah, there's not much else to say. I'm happy I got to play.


Still in the RunningEdit

 Alex P.
S5 Alex P
S5 Ryan C
S5 Siona S
S5 Rebecca Y
S5 Brandon J
S5 Michelle H
S5 Sierra J
 Alex G.
S5 Alex G
S5 Ashley R
 Chris L.
S5 Chris L
 Chris T.
S5 Chris T
S5 Eric K
S5 Evan H
S5 Foluke T
S5 Holli R
S5 Jordan S
S5 Micah A
S5 Nicole C
S5 Sabrina C
S5 Shannon N
S5 Victoria Z