Survivormaryland Wikia
Season 'Terrapin Trials'
Members Remained Loyal:
Terry Antony (Day 1-79)
Victoria Zhao (Day 1-78)
Zack Zweig (Day 1-67)
Foluké Tuakli (Day 1-60)
Lowest Placing Member Zack Zweig (4/16)
Highest Placing Member Terry Antony (Winner)

LP2 is an alliance on the Hukatana tribe in Survivor: Terrapin Trials.

Although seemingly dominating the game by having all four members make the final four, inner conflicts tore this alliance apart throughout the duration of the game. After Foluké lost trust in Zack, Foluké made a bold move by stealing what she thought was his hidden immunity idol (revealed to be Zack's roommate, Tristan's, necklace). The revelation of this event occurring solidified that Foluké was no longer apart of the alliance, and left the three remaining members furious and disgusted with her actions.