Idol Hands
Idol HandsTerry and Zack facing off in Survivor: Terrapin Trials
Survivor Maryland Challenge
Description A recurring challenge
Appearance(s) 'Survivor: Terrapin Trials
Survivor: Guts & Glory'

Idol Hands is a recurring challenge from Survivor Maryland which first appeared in Survivor: Terrapin Trials and is set to return in Survivor: Guts & Glory.


Two players enter a ring holding a paddle and a cup of water. The player whose cup hits the ground first will lose the round.


In its debut during "A Shot In The Dark" in Survivor: Terrapin Trials, this challenge occured 20 minutes after the previous Tribal Council. After many rounds of harsh words and actions being thrown around, Zack defeated Terry to earn his first individual immunity win.

This challenge is set to return in Survivor: Guts & Glory as a tribal challenge.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Terrapin Trials
"A Shot In The Dark"
Individual Immunity Zack S3
Survivor: Guts & Glory
"Knitting Club"
Tribal Immunity Alex S4Brandon S4Katie S4
Matt S4Michelle S4Nicola S4Rene S4