How Many Times
How Many Times Promo
Season Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Episode Number 11/15
First Broadcast May 17, 2014
Episode Chronology
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How Many Times is the eleventh episode of Survivor: The Maryland Outback.

Camping, controversy, chaos. It's all here on Episode 11 of Survivor: The Maryland Outback, as the Final 8 each fight hard to stay in the game and lay the groundwork for the end game.


Immunity Day 47Edit

Box Your Mind - The contestants must race outside and memorize a series of symbols, then they must run back into the building and replicate the symbols on the board. The first person to completely replicate the board wins immunity.
Winner: Steve Sleasman

Immunity Challenge: Box Your Mind
Placement Winner Competitors Sit-Out
Castaway S2 Steve S
S2 Chandler PS2 Chris LS2 Connor SS2 Nicole CS2 Phil CS2 Ryan C
Chandler, Chris L., Connor, Nicole C., Phil & Ryan
S2 Siona S

Immunity Day 50Edit

Note: Due to a mistake in the Day 47 immunity challenge, Steve was stripped of his immunity win and a new challenge was played.

Flip Out - Players will stand on an 8x8 grid, starting out in a random spot on the board. On each turn, a player will move either right, left, forward, or backwards. The space that they land on will then become unplayable. Once you are out of moves, you are out of the challenge. Last person with moves left will win.

Immunity Challenge: Flip Out
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway S2 Phil C
S2 Chandler PS2 Chris LS2 Connor SS2 Nicole CS2 Ryan CS2 Siona SS2 Steve S
Chandler, Chris L., Connor, Nicole C., Ryan, Siona & Steve

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council #13: Nehaka Tribe
S2 Steve S
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S2 Chandler PS2 Connor SS2 Phil C
Chandler, Connor & Phil
(votes not counted)
S2 Connor S
Connor (3 votes)
S2 Chris LS2 Nicole CS2 Steve S
Chris L., Nicole C. & Steve
S2 Chris L
Chris L. (2 votes)
S2 Ryan CS2 Siona S
Ryan & Siona
S2 Connor S


Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(Nicole C. did not say anything when she cast her vote)

(voting for Connor) Hello, camera, we meet again and perhaps for the last time! Who knows? God, this is a stressful game.


(voting for Connor) Oh, yep, so everyone's a bullshitter. Everyone's bullshitting the game. Um, I'm not going to play the idol, uh, on myself. Um, I'm going to play it on Steve. Chandler, you and Connor, you just kind of fucked us here, but we were - we were serious about the final four thing to you and Connor and Steve. But, um, Phil I hope you win at this point, if I don't. Steve, you're my fucking boy, I would take a bullet for you, um, which is what I'm going to do tonight, so that's where I'm at. Hopefully this works.

–Chris L.

(voting for Steve) I wish, uh, Chris would've just put Steve's name down and not play his immunity idol because I wanted to make an ally out of Chris after this. Plans all the same, voting for Steve.


(voting for Steve) Want you guys to know that this been the, um, hardest tribal council yet.


(voting for Steve) I'm sorry to hear that your dog died, Chris, sorry to hear that. I mean I'm glad we got to become friends, Chris. I'm sorry we had to do this, but it's all in the game. Hopefully we can still be friends after this. So, sorry Steve-o.


(voting for Chris L.) Chris LeCompte, I don't think you're going to be voted out today. I don't know what happened with the votes, but it is what it is.


(voting for Chris L.) (singing) Well, if they freed me from this prison. If that railroad train was mine. I bet I'd move it on a little farther down the line.


Final WordsEdit

Wow. Okay, so yeah, I just got voted out. I mean, obviously I'm pissed, y'know, I wanted to win. Thought I could win, but it wasn't in the cards, it wasn't meant to happen. Siona and Ryan stuck to their word, voted for Chris LeCompte, so it was Nicole Centi which she did what she wanted to do. I don't agree with it, I hope - I wish I was still in. Wanted to make it as far as I could. Good luck to everybody, even though they're assholes after doing that. Sorry Chris and Steve, I know we're still gonna be friends hopefully after this but you're assholes for voting me out. Chandler, roommate, I'm pulling for you. You gotta do it for me, buddy.


Still in the RunningEdit

S2 Rebecca Y
S2 Josh L
S2 Holly C
S2 Katie R
S2 Lauren B
S2 Brandon D
S2 Ashley R
S2 Karla L
S2 Alex B
S2 Xandria B
 Chris T.
S2 Chris T
S2 Nicole L
S2 Connor S
S2 Chandler P
 Chris L.
S2 Chris L
 Nicole C.
S2 Nicole C
S2 Phil C
S2 Ryan C
S2 Siona S
S2 Steve S


Episode TitleEdit

  • This episode title was said by Siona during her epic speech to take out the attractive white men.