Hand on a Sun Dial
Hand on a Sun DialFoluké, Terry and Victoria holding on in Survivor: Terrapin Trials
Survivor Maryland Challenge
Description A recurring challenge
Appearance(s) 'Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Survivor: Terrapin Trials'

Hand on a Sun Dial is a recurring challenge from Survivor Maryland which first appeared in Survivor: The Maryland Outback and reappeared in Survivor: Terrapin Trials


Each player must put one hand on the sun dial. If the player lets go of the sun dial, they will lose. Last player standing will win.


In its debut during "Go Out With A Bang" in Survivor: The Maryland Outback, the final three faced off to win final immunity. After 3 hours and 41 minutes, Chandler dropped and in turn gave Steve the win.

During Survivor: Terrapin Trials in the episode "Fire of a Thousand Suns", the final three faced off in stormy weather to win final immunity. After 5 hours and 32 minutes in the rainy weather, Victoria dropped and gave the win to Foluké.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: The Maryland Outback
"Go Out With A Bang"
Individual Immunity Steve S2
Survivor: Terrapin Trials
"Fire of a Thousand Suns"
Individual Immunity Foluke S3