Go Out With A Bang
Go Out With A Bang Promo
Season Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Episode Number 15/15
First Broadcast October 3, 2014
Episode Chronology
Previous "The Evil of Evils"
Next "Not In Hogwarts, This Is Survivor"
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Go Out With A Bang is the finale of Survivor: The Maryland Outback.

Watch the epic conclusion to an amazing season of University of Maryland students playing Survivor. In this special 2-hour episode, witness the final 4 desperately claw at each other to reach the end of the game, and face a brutal challenge combining some of the hardest challenges from the past.


Immunity Day 70Edit

Second Chance - The contestants must race through different aspects of challenges that they have competed in in the past. The person to make it through all the stages will win immunity.
Winner: Steve Sleasman

Immunity Challenge: Second Chance
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway S2 Steve S
S2 Chandler PS2 Chris LS2 Nicole C
Chandler, Chris L. & Nicole C.

Immunity Day 77Edit

Hand on a Sun Dial - Each player must put one hand on the sun dial. If the player lets go of the sun dial, they will lose. Last player standing will win.
Winner: Steve Sleasman

Immunity Challenge: Hand on a Sun Dial
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd
Time Elapsed 3 hr 41 mins 2 hr 32 mins
Castaway S2 Steve S
S2 Chandler P
S2 Nicole C
Nicole C.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Day 74Edit

Tribal Council #17: Nehaka Tribe
Against (Tie)
Voter Tiebreaker Result
S2 Chris L
Chris L. (2 votes)
S2 Chandler PS2 Nicole C
Chandler & Nicole C.
S2 Nicole C
Nicole C. (2 votes)
S2 Chris LS2 Steve S
Chris L. & Steve
S2 Chris L

Chris L.

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(voting for Chris L.) Stop throwing shots at me, Chris. I'm trying to be friends with you.


(voting for Nicole C.) I'm gonna beat you in the challenge.

–Chris L.

(voting for Nicole C.) Oh, it's real cold. Definitely a little bit of a different feeling with this tribal than the last cause I got that immunity, so I'm in that top three and I'm really hoping that that's the final.


Voting Confessionals (Re-vote)Edit

(voting for Nicole C.) Hello, camera. It is re-vote time. So, this is my vote. Um, I'm sorry, Nicole, you know I still got love. Still want to, y'know, take you out to Chipotle tomorrow. I'm hoping that still goes through.


Final WordsEdit

I'm like not saying - I like, don't - I'm like too cold. I'm just like - I'm like annoyed. I don't feel like talking.

–Chris L.

Day 81Edit

Tribal Council #18: Nehaka Tribe
S2 Chandler P
Chandler (1 vote)
S2 Steve S
S2 Chandler P


Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(voting for Chandler) Hello, camera. I want to vote with the person who I think is gonna get the less votes and I'm the more likely to win against. I think that's you.


Final WordsEdit

Um, I'm a little bitter on me getting voted out...third place. So, I had a really great time in the game, um, I made a lot of of really good friends, so I'm really happy for that. Pretty happy about how the whole season went. (notices a person in the background) Oh! There's a person over there. (pretends to poke them) Boop. I love Survivor.


Day 83Edit

Tribal Council #19: Jury Vote
Voted for
S2 Steve S
Steve (5 votes)
S2 Chandler PS2 Chris L
S2 Connor SS2 Nicole LS2 Phil C
Chandler, Chris L., Connor, Nicole L. & Phil
S2 Nicole C
Nicole C. (4 votes)
S2 Chris TS2 Ryan CS2 Siona SS2 Xandria B
Chris T., Ryan, Siona, Xandria
S2 Nicole C
Nicole C.
S2 Steve S

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(voting for Nicole C.) So, I'm going to vote for Nicole so that when Austin reads out the votes it's not like Steve has - y'know, 9 and you have 1 type of thing. Nicole, I hope - um, this kind of lightens your loss, y'know? Good job to both of you.


(voting for Steve) What's up? I'm back. Steve, I'm voting for Steve.

–Chris L.

(voting for Nicole C.) I think as much as people shat on you tonight, you actually played a really good game. You played both sides, um, but it really took me by surprise with what you were doing. I didn't catch on until too late into the merge, um, by at which point I couldn't do anything about it. Nicole, you're still a shit.


(voting for Steve) You are a nice guy, which nice guys don't always finish last, so congrats! Props to you, Steve. Hopefully this carries on for years to come, "Winner of Survivor". Do your best, dude.


(voting for Steve) Um, so I'm voting for Steve to win. I think he played a better game, so uh, congrats. Hopefully you win.

–Nicole L.

(voting for Nicole C.) Ah, this should be fun. Alright. Steve, I love you. You're my boy. You definitely - definitely played a very good game. Nicole, I'm sorry I bashed you earlier, but uh, I think you actually did play a really good game and I'm trying to help you win so please don't hate me for it.

–Chris T.

Still in the RunningEdit

S2 Rebecca Y
S2 Josh L
S2 Holly C
S2 Katie R
S2 Lauren B
S2 Brandon D
S2 Ashley R
S2 Karla L
S2 Alex B
S2 Xandria B
 Chris T.
S2 Chris T
S2 Nicole L
S2 Connor S
S2 Phil C
S2 Siona S
S2 Ryan C
S2 Chris L
S2 Chandler P
S2 Nicole C
S2 Steve S


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