Furiosa Tribe

PS Furiosa Tribe

Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: All-Stars
Namesake Imperator Furiosa
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Urukhai
Tribe Status Merged with
Urukhai on Day 39
Challenge Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Siona Slepoy (19/21)
Highest Placing Member TBA
Furiosa is one of the starting tribes on Survivor: All-Stars. The starting tribe consists of all women. Their tribe color is blue.


Original TribeEdit

S5 Ashley RS5 Holli RS5 Michelle H
S5 Nicole CS5 Rebecca YS5 Sabrina CS5 Shannon N
S5 Sierra JS5 Siona SS5 Victoria Z

Post-Tribe SwapEdit

S5 Ashley RS5 Chris LS5 Chris TS5 Eric K
S5 Holli RS5 Nicole CS5 Sabrina CS5 Sierra J