Fire of a Thousand Suns
Fire of a Thousand Suns Promo
Season Survivor: Terrapin Trials
Episode Number 13/13
First Broadcast August 30, 2015
Episode Chronology
Previous "A Shot In The Dark"
Next "Custody Battle"
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Fire of a Thousand Suns is the season finale of Survivor: Terrapin Trials.

The season concludes with a intense, deeply emotional finale that ties up all the storylines developed from the very start. Find out who is crowned the title of Maryland's THIRD Sole Survivor. Plus, see a sneak peak of the next season after the vote is revealed.


Immunity Day 64Edit

Second Chance - The contestants must race through different aspects of challenges that they have competed in in the past. The person to make it through all the stages will win immunity.
Winner: Victoria Zhao

Immunity Challenge: Second Chance
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway S3 Victoria Z
S3 Foluke TS3 Terry AS3 Zack Z
Foluké, Terry & Zack

Immunity Day 72Edit

Hand on a Sun Dial - Each player must put one hand on the sun dial. If the player lets go of the sun dial, they will lose. Last player standing will win.
Winner: Foluké Tuakli

Immunity Challenge: Hand on a Sun Dial
Placement 1st 2nd 3rd
Time Elapsed 5 hr 32 mins 3 hr 30 mins
Castaway S3 Foluke T
S3 Victoria Z
S3 Terry A

Tribal CouncilEdit

Day 67Edit

Tribal Council #13: Ohana Tribe
S3 Zack Z
Zack (3 votes)
S3 Foluke TS3 Terry AS3 Victoria Z
Foluké, Terry & Victoria
S3 Foluke T
Foluké (1 vote)
S3 Zack Z
S3 Zack Z

Zack Zweig

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(Voting for Zack) I didn't play Survivor, I didn't come to play Survivor to get like 3rd place. I'm playing Survivor to win.


(Voting for Foluké) Foluké. Hope to see you next week!


(Voting for Zack) Don't think I can stand there in front of the jury and beat you.


(Voting for Zack) (talking on the phone) What was my one condition for the girl to win? For her to be upfront with me. The girl could win if she was upfront with me, right? Why is she playing games that talk about she gonna give the necklace but she ain't gonna give me the necklace? Why? Why are people waking me up from my sleep? Why are we playing games like this? I don't know. I was like, I wanna vote out Terry because his bitch ass needs to just get some karma on that, but I know no one's voting for Terry so I won't have any numbers so the only chance I'm gonna stay in the game is if I vote for Zack even though they're being real chummy so I don't really know. Whatever. And I was like 'Can you not be wearing nude pumps'.


Final WordsEdit

My time has come. It was fun playing Survivor, thank you Austin! I can say I was in the Final Four, I'm not illiterate - I'm - I'm not gonna be - have alliteration like Foluké but, you know, that's okay. I just hope they know, they're probably gonna lose, so, you know what, that's okay. I wish the rest the best of luck.


Day 78Edit

Tribal Council #14: Ohana Tribe
S3 Victoria Z
Victoria (1 vote)
S3 Foluke T
S3 Victoria Z

Victoria Zhao

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(Voting for Victoria) I just want to say a simple 'I'm sorry' uh, means a lot. When you apologize to someone, it means that you think they're worth an apology. That, you know, whatever - you don't have to be friends with somebody to say 'I'm sorry.' You can say 'I'm sorry' to a stranger. You bump into them on the subway, you say 'I'm sorry' Should I send Victoria home? Cause then if I don't send Victoria home, I'm making her madder.


Final WordsEdit

I definitely have gained so much out of this game that I really didn't expect to get. I think I do really understand myself more as a person. I understand my strengths but more importantly I understand places where I'm failing. In this game, I - I think I've played a very strategic game that completely neglected my social - the social aspect of maintaining relationships with people and, um, I'm very saddened that there are a lot of people in this game who hate me at this point and I hope that me getting voted out, um, being the last member of the jury will give them some sort of closure knowing that, hey, even though I played this game, I'm also not invincible, I can get voted off. You know, for anyone who is willing, I'd very happily go to coffee, go to dinner with someone, talk about our strategy and bond as a person outside of Survivor. I've definitely gained a lot from this game and I'm really happy to have played this entire semester, so thank you for giving me this opportunity.


Day 80Edit

Tribal Council #15: Jury Vote
Voted for
S3 Terry A
Terry (5 votes)
S3 Alex GS3 Eric K
S3 Harry GS3 Victoria ZS3 Zack Z
Alex, Eric, Harry, Victoria & Zack
S3 Foluke T
Foluké (2 votes)
S3 Holli RS3 Marissa H
Holli & Marissa
S3 Foluke T

Foluké Tuakli
S3 Terry A

Terry Antony

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Alex and Eric's full voting confessionals were revealed after the finale in a bonus segment.

(Voting for Terry) I - I've been a really strategic player this whole entire game. All of my moves have been strategic and I think Terry played a better game in terms of strategy, but, you know, it would have been cool to see a girl win and I was pretty much for with the alliance but once Foluké did that, she lost my respect. So, I'm voting for Terry.


(Voting for Terry) Good luck to the best of both of you, it was fun playing.


(Voting for Foluké) Foluké, yeah, I didn't like you in the beginning. I love you now, you're a great girl and you need to stay that way. I know you've had probably a lot of, like, things in your life that have happened, all of us have, but you're really strong and I can see that. We were both voted #8. I didn't expect for either of us to get to the end and here you are, uh, ranked #8, so, now you can be #1. There you go, Foluké!


(Voting for Foluké) As far as Terry goes, I mean, you gave pretty decent answers but nothing to change my mind and as far as I know, Foluké was pretty loyal to me so I'm gonna stay loyal to her now.


(Voting for Terry) So, I'm voting for me tonight because I should have won. Nah, I'm just kidding. Alright, Terry, I think you said some good things tonight. Foluké, I was originally going to vote for you, you kinda lost my vote, so yeah. Good luck, Terry.


(Voting for Terry) Going in, I was actually going to vote for Foluké because, in the end, I thought she did more in this and I thought she was ended up probably, I'm sure, double-crossed me and fucked me over at least three or four times. However, I'm not a huge fan of this 'playing the victim' card and not backing what you do and hearing Terry's answers, the kid understood the game. In the end, he answered his questions and he earned his way to this point. Even if he didn't physically dominate and he didn't dominate gameplay, you know, never won, he found a way to get here and he did it in a way that he knew it was gonna work. I don't want her to win because she can't embrace who she is, at least as a player. Terry, good luck buddy.


(Voting for Terry) Coming into tribal, I was planning on voting for Foluké, but her personality is just way too strong for me and she just said some things that I did not like. Initially, I did not like Terry's strategy of laying low, but after hearing about it and hearing how it works, it was actually what I considered doing and actually failed at, so I admire him for carrying that through and have such an effective strategy. So, for those reasons, Terry gets my vote.


Final ResultsEdit

S3 Charlie U
S3 Matt R
S3 Sierra J
S3 Maria P
S3 Katie J
S3 Sabrina C
S3 Kanay P
S3 Alex G
S3 Eric K
S3 Harry G
S3 Holli R
S3 Marissa H
S3 Zack Z
S3 Victoria Z
S3 Foluke T
S3 Terry A


Episode TitleEdit

  • This episode title was said by Foluké Tuakli about Terry underplaying his gameplay and chances of winning.