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Custody Battle
Custody Battle Promo.png
Season Survivor: Guts & Glory
Episode Number 1/14
First Broadcast February 29, 2016
Episode Chronology
Previous "Fire of a Thousand Suns"
(previous season)
Next "She Was A Fighter"

Custody Battle is the premier episode of Survivor: Guts & Glory. 18 college students begin their semester-long quest to become the University of Maryland's next Sole Survivor. In this opening episode, they are forced to connect during a sub-freezing campout, and learn that this season has many surprises in store. One contestant struggles with fitting in culturally, but meets an unlikely ally. Plus, a grueling 6-part challenge tests the three tribes.



Gutstacle Course - A 6-part race from the bottom to the top of "The Mall". The first part consisted of a wheelbarrow race. The tribes divided into three pairs of two and each had to make their way down the field and back. The second part required a member from each tribe to retrieve bolos from a snow pile and then land them on a ladder. The third part required two pairs of two people to balance a ball on a board and make their way up the fountain ledges, making it through all the checkpoints. Then, they must lift 5 members of their tribe over a rope suspended between two trees without touching the rope. Next, they must link arms and race through various pathways until they make it to the ledge where a puzzle is waiting. The first two tribes to complete the puzzle and make it to the Terrapin statue will win immunity.
Winner (according to finish): Sohcahtoa & Úla Úla

Immunity Challenge: Gutstacle Course
Placement Tribe
1st Sohcahtoa S4 Alex P.pngS4 Evan H.pngS4 Micah A.pngS4 Michelle H.pngS4 Mollie R.pngS4 Shannon N.png
Alex, Evan, Micah, Michelle, Mollie & Shannon
2nd Úla Úla S4 Allan N.pngS4 Brian M.pngS4 Elyse A.pngS4 Emily W.pngS4 Katie A.pngS4 Rene O.png
Allan, Brian, Elyse, Emily Katie & René
3rd Azula S4 Brandon J.pngS4 Matt K.pngS4 Mikey F.pngS4 Nicola R.pngS4 Priya A.pngS4 Sherry X.png
Brandon, Matt, Mikey, Nicola, Priya & Sherry

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council #1: Azula Tribe
S4 Priya A.png
Priya (4 votes)
S4 Matt K.pngS4 Mikey F.pngS4 Nicola R.pngS4 Sherry X.png
Matt, Mikey, Nicola & Sherry
S4 Sherry X.png
Sherry (2 votes)
S4 Brandon J.pngS4 Priya A.png
Brandon & Priya
S4 Priya A.png
Priya Ashley

Voting Confessionals[]

Note: Mikey's voting confessional was revealed during the "Previously on Survivor" segment of She Was A Fighter.

(voting for Priya) Priya, sorry


(voting for Sherry) Right now we just need to make the team as, um, strong as we can. We need to win, we cannot lose next week.


(voting for Priya) I really hope I can stay one more night, but not sure. I already prepared for my farewell speech.


(voting for Sherry) Oh my god. I voted for Sherry. I'm sorry baby, I love you so much, I really do. Love you!


(voting for Priya) Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow of the game.


(voting for Priya) That's what happens when you forget you're playing a game.


Final Words[]

So, I'm blown, definitely, but it's okay. I just wanna know who voted me out cause, I don't know, kinda sucks. I thought we were going for the approach like we vote out the weakest people cause we need to win the competitions but I guess they were talking without me so maybe I should've talked to Sherry when she reached out? I don't know. But it sucks, but honestly I still want to know what happens with the game and it is what it is.


Still in the Running[]

S4 Priya A.png
Úla Úla
S4 Allan N.png
S4 Alex P.png
S4 Brandon J.png
Úla Úla
S4 Brian M.png
Úla Úla
S4 Elyse A.png
Úla Úla
S4 Emily W.png
S4 Evan H.png
Úla Úla
S4 Katie A.png
S4 Matt K.png
S4 Micah A.png
S4 Michelle H.png
S4 Mikey F.png
S4 Mollie R.png
S4 Nicola R.png
Úla Úla
S4 Rene O.png
S4 Shannon N.png
S4 Sherry X.png


  • This is the first time where the contestants have been divided in three tribes at the beginning of the competition.

Episode Title[]

  • The episode title was said by Brian as he describes his relationship with Katie where they hold items of value for each other in order to build trust.