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Break This Stereotype
Break This Stereotype Promo.png
Season Survivor: Major Conflict
Episode Number 1/TBD
First Broadcast September, 7, 2020
Episode Chronology
Previous "Who Plays This Game In Real Life?"
(previous season)
Next "TBD"

Break This Stereotype is the first episode of Survivor: Major Conflict.

20 new players begin an 86 day game of strategy, gameplay, and emotions. Except this time it's MAJOR VS. MAJOR! Who will come out on top: STEM or Humanities?


Challenge: Magic Square
Contestants must arrange nine number tiles in a 3x3 square in a way where every vertical, horizontal, and diagonal line adds up to the number 15. The first person to complete this for each tribe will win reward.
Reward: The Dean's List Advantage
Winner: Liam Mercer &

Eric Yang

Challenge: Steal The Bacon
There is a bike tire in the center of a marked off field. The tribe members will rank themselves in terms of strength. Then, by random selection, the numbers will be called out and they will have to face off against each other. On the host's start, the selected players will run to the bike tire and attempt to drag it to their side. The tribe who gets the bike tire across the line will score a point. First tribe to 7 will win.

Winner (according to finish): Chikasha

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council #1: Pascala Tribe
S7 Natalia Z.png
Natalia (7 votes)
S7 Amanda H.pngS7 Dain G.pngS7 Dale Aram T.png
S7 Doug Y.pngS7 Eric Y.pngS7 Sadie L.pngS7 Tim C.png
Amanda, Dain, Dale Aram, Doug, Eric, Sadie & Tim
S7 Dain G.png
Dain(2 votes)
S7 Chris H.pngS7 Teresa B.png
Chris & Teresa
S7 Teresa B.png
Teresa (1 vote)
S7 Natalia Z.png
S7 Natalia Z.png


Voting Confessionals[]

(Voting for Natalia) I'm like more excited this than I should be. I love this show.


(Voting for Dain) Um, absolutely nothing personal - personable. I'm sure you're a really good guy, but the first impression was just neutral.


(Voting for Teresa) Whew. Intense AF. I hope I'm making the right choice and I hope everyone kept their word. Otherwise, this is gonna be awkward. But also, don't brag about going against the strong girl twice if you fucking lost, you know what I mean?.


(Voting for Natalia) Yeah I definitely know who I'm voting for. Sorry Anders and sorry Natalia. I like you but, it's nothing personal. Just a game.


Final Words[]

So, I'm the first person voted out and I'm fucking pissed cause those fucking snakes were all like "Oh yeah, you know we're all voting Teresa out. Like, down with that bitch!". And then, they brought me down. Like why? I'm more of like an acquired taste so if they didn't like my personality than fuck them because, honestly, they weren't that great either and, um, their jokes fucking sucked. And I'm just- I'm upset. Which makes sense, but it is what it is. I did have fun. It was a really fun day and I enjoyed it. Too bad it's not gonna- I'm not gonna come back, but it is what it is. I'll have this to look back on and be like "Haha, at least I tried". But yeah (flips off camera) fuck them. Bye.


Still in the Running[]

S7 Natalia Z.png
S7 Abbie W.png
S7 Amanda H.png
S7 Ange C.png
S7 Chris H.png
S7 Dain G.png
 Dale Aram
S7 Dale Aram T.png
S7 Doug Y.png
S7 Eric Y.png
S7 Evan M.png
S7 Ivy X.png
S7 Jasmine Z.png
S7 Josh S.png
S7 Liam M.png
S7 Mike M.png
S7 Morgan P.png
S7 Sadie L.png
S7 Santi R.png
S7 Teresa B.png
S7 Tim C.png


Episode Title[]

  • The episode title was said by Dain as he suggested they come up with a unique name for their tribe and not something STEM-related.