Baesqwaad Tribe

PS Baesqwaad Tribe

Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: New Beginnings
Namesake Chesapeake Bay + Squad
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Ferocity
Tribe Status Active
Challenge Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Nachmi Kott (14/19)
Highest Placing Member Alex Kramer (TBA/19)
Baesqwaad is one of the starting tribes on Survivor: New Beginnings. Their tribe color is pink.


Original TribeEdit

S6 Alex KS6 Daniela GS6 Don A
S6 Dylan SS6 Keval SS6 Michael M
S6 Nachmi KS6 Shaina RS6 Taylor L

Swapped TribeEdit

S6 Don AS6 Emily T
S6 Faith BS6 Nachmi KS6 Taylor L