Apache Relay
Apache RelayNicole L. stacking the dominoes for the win in Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Survivor Maryland Challenge
Description A recurring challenge
Appearance(s) 'Survivor: La Plata Island
Survivor: The Maryland Outback
Survivor: Terrapin Trials'

Apache Relay is a recurring challenge from Survivor Maryland which first appeared in Survivor: La Plata Island and returned for Survivor: The Maryland Outback and Survivor: Terrapin Trials


In this multi-stage challenge, tribes must use their skills to make it through all of the stages that are presented to them. The first tribe to make it through all the stages will win!


In its debut during "Because I'm Awesome?" in Survivor: La Plata Island, it was a 8 stage challenge. After completing the Volleyball, Soccer, Slide Puzzle, Basketball, Running, Chicken Tender stages, one tribe member was to stack dominoes from one end of the bench to the other. Colleen stacked the dominoes faster than Doug and won it for Pagong

In "Just Swallow", this challenge consisted of 6 parts, Slide Puzzle, Soccer, Wheelbarrow, Brain Teasers, Chicken Tenders, and finally the domino portion. After leading for most of the challenge, Waka fell through at the domino portion and Nicole L. knocked over the dominoes to win the challenge for Nehami

After a tribe swap in "I'm Queen Bey", the newly formed Hukatana and Rafiki competed in this challenge with a slightly different name, the Apache "Rain-lay" due to the rainy weather that the challenge was held in. This version had 6 stages, Ladder Ball, Soccer, Wheelbarrow, Brain Teasers, Slingshot, and ending with the Domino stage. After a commanding lead, Rafiki could not catch up in time, as Marissa stacked the dominoes and knocked them over for the new Hukatana tribe.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: La Plata Island
"Because I'm Awesome?"
Tribal Immunity Ben S1Clark S1Colleen S1
Kyle S1Nick S1Nosheen S1Schuble S1
60pxTyrique S1Victoria S1
Survivor: The Maryland Outback
"Just Swallow"
Tribal Immunity Alex S2Ashley S2Brandon S2
Chris L S2Connor S2Karla S2Lauren S2
Nicole L S2Steve S2Xandria S2
Survivor: Terrapin Trials
"I'm Queen Bey"
Tribal Immunity Alex S3Eric S3Foluke S3
Harry S3Holli S3Marissa S3